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According to the fabrics, clothing varieties and design requirements and different parts of the clothing, there are also different studies on the selection of White degradable lining. How to reasonably match it seems to be the matter of the clothing factory, but it is also how the adhesive lining manufacturer develops suitable products.
Recycled lining is the double-stitched interior of a garment and is often referred to as a lining and lining. The lining is sewn together with the clothes, which is equivalent to the lining of the skirt, so that the clothes have no burrs and are easy to wear.
Black degradable lining is an indispensable production process for suit making. As a traditional design process, the role of black degradable lining is very important.
White polyester pongee fabric is an old variety that has been around for a long time. It is mainly made of polyester as raw material and then processed through a series of complex processes such as elimination.
The use and cleaning and maintenance of white polyester pongee fabrics are the issues that many users are concerned about.
With the continuous development of society, White polyester pongee has also developed rapidly. Chun Yafang is a well-known old product in the market, commonly known as rainproof cloth, also known as coated nylon spinning.

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Company Email: tianma@tianmainterlining.com

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