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Production process

Production process

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Bonding Technology

• bubbling
• curling
• strike through
• strike back
• differential hand
• change of colour
• moire effect
• see through
• excessive shrinkage
• shining effect
• adhering layers
• resin traces on fabric surface


Lining for clothing


Suit composed of lining

Hebei Tianma Interlining Co., Ltd.


Suit wash suit

Hebei Tianma Interlining Co., Ltd.


Suit Adhesive interlining process

Hebei Tianma Interlining Co., Ltd.



Hebei Tianma Interlining Co., Ltd.


Garment lining

Suit: Front body, hanging surface, collar, collar, hem, cuffs, armholes, chest pieces, elastic cuffs
Windbreaker/coat: collar, front, side, collar, hem, cuffs, armholes
Jacket: collar, placket, lining, hem, sleeves, pocket patch
Shirt: collar, collar, sleeves, placket
Lining for small parts: collar stickers, sleeve stickers, pocket stickers, open pocket parts, slit parts, parts that need to be strengthened and fixed, etc.



Lining for coated fabrics


Lining for coated fabrics

Embryo lining (ie no glue lining)

Most reverse-coated fabrics are a problem for all kinds of adhesive interlinings. The coating completely blocks the fusion space between the adhesive dots of the interlining fabric and the fabric base fabric, so that the adhesive dots cannot play their due bonding function. For clothing At the same time, in order to facilitate the operation of the sewing process, most of the reverse coated fabrics use embryo lining.

7518FE 26g, 100%PES

Therefore, the problem of using adhesive lining for coated fabrics needs to be solved by a new type of glue point coating.


PU Solution for Coated Fabrics


Hebei Tianma Interlining Co., Ltd.




Washing Process / Garment Dyeing


Service Items 5 Services

· Lining matching: Tianma has experience in cooperating with excellent brands at home and abroad, and can provide constructive lining suggestions for designers and technicians in your company.
· Test report: According to the fabrics provided by the garment factory, the test report can be provided before mass production, and if necessary, the garment factory can be guided for the bonding work.
· On-site service: With a certain period of time, except for special circumstances, our staff will regularly communicate with the garment factory to find and solve problems as much as possible.
· Information support: Tianma maintains good business communication with excellent brand bonding machine companies, and can give garment factories certain information support and suggestions in terms of hardware and software in the interlining bonding work.
Feedback: Regularly report the use of interlinings in each garment factory to your company's production and technical team, and adjust our work reasonably according to the situation.


Hebei Tianma Interlining Co., Ltd.


Influence of different washing water and garment treatment process on interlining

General cleaning and dry cleaning: Most of Tianma products can be washed and dry cleaned below 40 degrees.

Enzyme washing, stone washing, garment dyeing and other washing processes and garment processing processes, while completing the required feel and design effect of the garment, the interlining used for the garment is also different from the conventional interlining that is only suitable for general washing and dry cleaning. The washing resistance, friction resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties of the interlining have higher requirements. In the high temperature washing process and garment dyeing process, if the clothing chooses the interlining that does not have the properties of washing resistance, high temperature resistance, and dyeing resistance , the garments will have problems such as blistering, interlining falling off, uneven dyeing, etc., which will make the interlining lose its function, and cause the appearance and quality of the clothing. Therefore, it is very important to correctly choose and use interlinings with different functions.


 prenatal testing

 · Use bulk fabrics for washing test and garment dyeing test
 · Test using conditions for bulk washing and dyeing of garments (reagents, water temperature, time, drying, etc.)
 · Interlining suitable for enzyme washing and garment dyeing, relatively need higher bonding conditions (temperature, time, pressure)
 · Written test request


Tianma supplier solution Interlining matching


> 012 coating - is an innovative coating for enzyme washing and garment dyeing. Each product category is matched with products using this coating to meet the needs of various garments.

With spun lining Non-woven interlining Knitted lining


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