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Ministry of Internal Trade:010-67897338


Ministry of Foreign Trade: 010-67897338




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Ⅰ. Beijing Headquarters


Ⅱ. Branch
1. Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Bangladesh (Dhaka) branch
2. Production bases in Baoding and Bangladesh (Dhaka)
3. Beijing and Shanghai are equipped with central warehouses
4. There are technical laboratories in Beijing, Shanghai and Baoding respectively
5. The production base has a complete production supporting industry chain
(1),Several water jet looms
(2), three interlining setting machines (imported from South Korea)
(3), seven liquid dyeing and finishing machines (imported from Taiwan)


Ⅲ. Technical service
(1), 2 chief engineers
(2) Three foreign technical consultants
(3) 6 people in the technical service team


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Factory Address: No. 1 West, Beizhu Industrial Zone, Xiaodian Town, Boye County, Hebei Province

Ministry of Internal Trade: 010-67897338

Ministry of Foreign Trade: 010-67897338

Fax: 010-67897338

Company Email: tianma@tianmainterlining.com

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